I Don't Even Recognize This Version Of Me

This pic popped in my Facebook memories from 3 years ago and WOW. Just wow. It is insane to think about how much has changed in my life...

🤯 I honestly don’t even recognize this version of me.

👀 What I see here is -

💋 Someone who was consumed with being perfect - having the perfect job, the perfect life, the perfect picture for my IG feed.

💄 I was so focused on how my life looked from the outside in that I neglected to give my attention to what was happening on the inside.

💸 I was so consumed with creating a massive career because I truly believed that with success came validation and acceptance.

Sadly - despite becoming widely successful, making a ton of money while traveling the world creating beauty products - the feelings of validation and acceptance never came...

So instead I hid.

😭 I hid the fact that I was -

✖️Painfully insecure

✖️Constantly eating my feelings

✖️Had an awful internal dialogue that consisted of me telling myself I was terrible everyday

✖️How I was putting myself last because I was doing everything for everyone else because I was desperate to be liked and accepted

✖️ Hiding from my dreams because I didn’t think I was enough and I allowed myself to remain paralyzed by the potential chance that I would fail and be rejected because of it

😭 I was in pain but I hid it all and painted my mask on everyday in hopes nobody would notice the wounded little girl that was still bleeding inside of me.

✖️I truly thought, put more lipstick on and you will get through this.

✖️I had the thought “just keep smiling to cover the pain”

✖️I hid behind my career to ensure I remained invisible because I did not believe I was worthy of being seen and had convinced myself that “I was meant to be a behind the scenes kind of gal”

I see so clearly now that was all a series of BS stories that I told myself and that none of it was true.

My first coach once told me “I don’t know how you’ve been this successful when you are so insecure and hard on yourself”

When she said that to me, it pierced my heart because I knew she was right and I genuinely don’t know how I got so far on just drive and ambition without the true confidence to back it up.

🥳 Now - life looks a lot different.

🙌🏼 My job title no longer defines me

🙌🏼 I don’t hide from being seen because I know how worthy and deserving I am of being seen and heard

🙌🏼 I no longer need money to make me feel secure

🙌🏼 I face challenges head on and no longer fear failure or rejection in a way that paralyzes me from taking action

🙌🏼 I do not change who I am to people please because I no longer NEED to be liked & trust the people who are meant to be in my life will love me exactly as I am

🙌🏼 I no longer tell myself a sob story to empower my inner victim which had kept me in a state of disempowerment for far too long

🙌🏼 I no longer beat myself up everyday for what isn’t and instead focus on the beauty of what is

How did I make this change?

⚡️I went all in on me and fully committed to change

⚡️I took a chance and hired a coach who showed me how my mind worked and how my thoughts were creating every result I didn’t want in my life

⚡️I let go of all of my limiting beliefs about myself and created new ones that cemented the confidence in myself and my capabilities

⚡️I stopped living in fear of the “what if” and DECIDED to commit to creating the results I desired

⚡️I proactively failed again and again learning and growing through each experience without making the failure mean anything about me

⚡️I stopped telling myself “I can’t” and empowered myself to fully believe that “I CAN”

I started over and created a life I’m head over heels in love with and the most beautiful part is, I now teach women everyday how to do the same 💝.

AND - It’s the most rewarding and valuable work I’ve ever done in my life.

Why? Because something SO POWERFUL happens when you start working from the inside out. You see things about yourself that you can’t unsee and it becomes so clear on exactly how you are holding yourself back in life and in your biz.

If you are ready to gain this type of clarity and learn how to make the same shifts in your life, I’m here to help guide you on exactly how to create the result you are looking for.

How does this process start?

You book your free 1hr strategy session and we discover how applying Soul Makeup works for you.

🤯 The breakthroughs that happen in 1 hour continue to blow my mind.

🤩 The awareness you gain is life changing.

🥰 You truly see what is possible for you.

It's time to take that next step. 

Future you is waiting for you to make it happen for her. 

XO - Elyse 

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