The Power Of Owning Your Own Story

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When you own your story, that is when you will truly accept yourself.

That is when the self judgement stops.

That’s when the inner critic is silenced.

You finally feel good enough and the when the confidence comes.

And remember – all confidence is, is belief.

So when you shift your belief into decide to accept yourself today, so much more becomes available to you.

You have nothing left to hide.

And the thing is shame cannot exist in truth.

So when you accept and embrace your truth, the same dissolves. The doubt diminishes. The certainty comes. The decision making gets easier.

The power of owning your own story and not being a victim to your circumstances will be one of the most powerful things you experience in your life.

Because -

You are not your past.

You are not your trauma.

You are not your thoughts.

I want to show you exactly how powerful owning your own story can be. In this video, I am coming to you with Essence Turner who is a remarkable coach that helps women who have experienced trauma & abandonment feel whole again.

I am absolutely inspired by this remarkable woman's story and in our chat we go deep into the power of owning your own personal story and the importance of who you surround yourself on your journey.

Essence also offers so much personal insight and wisdom to help inspire & empower you to make the same shifts in your life. She also gets into her top tips for releasing shame and facing the discomfort that comes along with radical growth.

There is so much here for you in this chat and I’m honored and beyond grateful to have had the chance to interview this amazing woman!

In fact, she inspired me to own my story in an entirely different way. More to come on this...


XO - Elyse 

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