I am so happy you are here, with me at Soul Makeup. Now, let's get acquainted! 

Here's the crazy thing - I know you because as a marketer and developer, I spent years studying and targeting you. I needed to know what you bought, how you spent your time, where you lived and what problems you have. I then created products to help solve your problems and there is a really good chance that something I have worked on currently lives in your bathroom.

I also know you because I was you. I had an extreme appetite for success. Over the span of 15 years, I worked my way from a MAC Counter girl, to a Product Development and Marketing Assistant to my dream job as a Director of Global Product Development at Estee Lauder working on the brand Smashbox.

It was my job to create things that did not exist and make concepts a reality while branding and marketing each product that was launching into the global marketplace. I did sales pitches to some of the largest retailers in the world and successfully closed every deal. I was working bi-costal/bi-continentally which had always been the ultimate dream for me but the corporate grind had started to wear on me. I was stuck in a working in an environment that no longer fit me and my needs. I felt like I was in jail Monday-Friday and had lost control of my reality. I was killing myself making someone else’s dream a reality. I was being called to go deeper and life had a very interesting way of intervening and setting that change into motion.

In October 2018, I was on a business trip in Italy working on an eye shadow formula that was slated to be our biggest launch of the season. At 2am my heart dropped when I was awakened by a call from my mom. She informed me that my dad was on the way to the hospital and we later found out he had cancer. In 24 hours my priorities changed. I made the decision to leave the career I had spent 15 years building to find freedom and prioritize my family.

After seeing the toll cancer takes on someone, you realize that life is a precious gift. We spend so much of our lives preoccupied with what others think about us and feeling bad about ourselves. We compare ourselves to others or focus on what we don’t have. I think there are times when we have lost sight of what’s truly important and when I was in beauty, I lost sight of that too. It was my job to create products that made women feel beautiful but I failed.

I failed because…

  • The products I created never created the feeling of true beauty within someone. It was a temporary fix to a problem that lives beneath the surface and the end result was always the same – the product was applied but the problem was still there.
  • I also failed because I spent years prioritizing my career over family, living life and experiencing what it felt like to be alive. Not living…I mean feeling truly ALIVE.
  • I never had time, was always overwhelmed and constantly on the brink of burnout to the point that the thought of adding one more thing to my list instantly sent me into a panic attack.
  • I did nothing to give back to myself. Hobbies - what are those? Self care – nobody got time for that. Vacations – better squeeze it into a work trip because I can’t take one more day away from the office.
  • I felt like life was passing me by. I found myself missing out on everything that used to bring me joy because I was on an airplane in route to making someone else’s dream a reality.
  • I felt down all of the time so I had better hit the mall or browse Amazon because I needed more things to fill my void of happiness. More makeup to make me feel good. More storage to solve my organizational issues. More self help books to help my head. Nothing worked. Just wasted money on things that never made me feel better or truly solved my problems.
  • I ate my feelings to the point that I weighed over 200 pounds because food was the only thing that brought me temporary joy. I had such an unhealthy relationship with French fries and my double chin was a constant reminder of that…
  • The moment Friday hit, I tried to escape the reality that Monday was looming and found myself in tears every night before I went to bed on Sunday.
  • I had officially become the Debbie Downer that rained on everyone’s parade and it was awful. But you better believe my life looked perfect on Instagram!

Is all of this sounding a little familiar?

If yes, then I am guessing these questions are most likely a part of your daily dialogue with yourself too…

  • What happened to the girl who used to have big dreams and the energy to make shit happen?
  • How did I let myself settle and is this really what the rest of my life is going to be?
  • Why am I sitting here at this desk taking direction from this idiot when I know I could be out there doing more with my life?
  • Why am I sitting on this freeway wasting hours of my life to go to a job I hate?
  • Why am I killing myself working so hard to get a promotion at a company I don’t even really want to be at?
  • When did I stop feeling alive and accept that this is how life is?
  • Who is that person looking back at me in the mirror? Do I even know her anymore?
  • When is it going to be my time?

My love – I get it. I have thought all of these things myself and one day, the shift happened.

I quit –

  • I quit my dream job that I worked 15 years for and let go of who society wanted me to be and became the woman I knew I was destined to be.  
  • I quit giving my ideas away to make millions for someone else and started creating money that I get to put back in my own pocket.
  • I quit my jet set, high pressure, meeting filled life to find peace and calm settling into a new reality where my office is in the sanctuary of my home and my commute entails dodging two cats as I walk down the hallway.
  • I quit wasting hours of my life listening to people that know less than me and started making my own decisions regarding how I want to bring my vision to life.
  • I quit the torturous and soul sucking game of scrolling through Instagram to see everyone else live their magical life while I was at home wallowing in self pity and despair. I went out and reclaimed my right to feel alive while learning to see life through an unfiltered lens.
  • I quit buying products that I didn’t need and focused on my internal makeup which gave me the power to truly solve my problems as opposed to buying a product that served as a glorified band-aid offering nothing more than a temporary solution.
  • I quit hating who I saw I the mirror and fell confidently in love with the woman I saw staring back at me.
  • I quit hoarding old things because I was too afraid to let go of the past. 
  • I quit eating my feelings and am proud to say I am 50 pounds lighter feeling the healthiest and strongest I have ever been in my life.
  • And most importantly, I quit because my family and truly experiencing life meant more than wasting my life behind a desk in a soulless job.

I quit it all because I could not afford to live one more day in the toxic cycle I had created for myself. I had to break the patterns and go all in on me in order to create the reality I was destined for.

SO - I took the risk, went all in on me and by committing to myself, I now have found true success, confidence, wealth and beauty. I have also finally had the time and freedom to make new and amazing memories with family and friends which has given life a whole new meaning. 

  • I have created a life that I am excited to wake up for – no more Friday night checkouts and Sunday night tears. 
  • I reignited my passion for development and now instead of developing personal care products, I now develop personal care programs. Products mask problems – programs solve problems and I now spend everyday working with women like you to help you get what you desire out of life. 
  • I am redefining how we utilize personal care by focusing on your internal makeup because true beauty, success and confidence will never be created by a product or a pill.
  • I am finally living a personally and professionally aligned life and have obtained the healthy balance I have desired for years. No more anxiety, overwhelm and burnout – just peaceful success as I write the most beautiful and rewarding chapter of my life yet.

I knew my calling to go deeper would set me free and gain the courage to help other women take action to change their lives and start living again.

My time in beauty taught me that no product or pill would ever truly remedy what’s happening on the inside and inspired me to create Soul Makeup. I shifted my focus from developing personal care products to developing personal care programs. Without personal care there is no success and I am dedicating the rest of my professional life to helping other career women (aka – you) break through their inner blocks, own their worth, shift limiting beliefs and make more money while creating a life you don’t need a vacation from.

It is not a coincidence that you landed here with me and its time we had a chat to see how you can transform your life. I have the tools and can't wait to show you the way...

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