Are you committed to creating confidence now?

CAN stands for CONFIDENT ACTION NOW which is what we do in the CAN Program. 

Confidence, Courage & Certainty is what we create in the CAN Program. 

This is a 4 month long premium coaching experience where I teach you how to take confident action in life & business. 

And the best part is – we keep things simple. 

Less action. More belief.

Less judgement. More acceptance.

Less drama. More peace.

Less focus on the outer. More focus on the inner. 

I empower you to see life through an entirely different lens.

Let’s Destigmatize A Few Things…

Here's a healthy dose of truth. 

We have been taught that we need the perfect job title, the perfect body, the perfect partner, the highest salary & the most expensive things in life in order to feel confident, whole & good enough.  

There is also a big misconception that once we get all of these things, then we will feel confident.  

But that isn’t how it works.

We don’t just magically wake up one day feeling confident & good enough.  

We have to get intentional about creating how we want to feel and this process starts with what you think & what you believe.  

Confidence is created through belief.  

You can have all of the things and still not feel confident or good enough. 

And on top of it, you will be filled with fear & stuck living in a pattern of unknowingly empowering insecurities, stress & anxiety. 

If you don’t know how to create belief, you will always struggle with self doubt, your belief in what's possible. You will lack trust in your decisions causing you to create confusion while second guessing every move you make. 

The crazy part is, most of us don't even realize this is all happening.

We just know we don't feel good and want to hide from the scaries avoiding the hard stuff at all costs. But it’s all of these sneaky little limiting beliefs are what’s keeping you on the struggle bus.

Here is the solve. 

The solve is mindset development. 

What you think & believe is what you become & this is why managing your mind is critical. 

Every result you want lives in your thoughts. All of the results you are looking for in life are created within by how you think and how you feel. 

And here is what I want you know - If you don’t know how to create belief in yourself & what's possible, you will always rob yourself of your dreams coming true. You will hold yourself back from expanding to your fullest potential. 

And that is not what I want for you… 

That is why developing & evolving your mindset is the most important work you will ever do on yourself.

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In the CAN Program, I Teach You how to get intentional about creating belief utilizing my Exclusive mindset & thought management system.

This level of intentional belief creation will require you to adopt a new way of thinking which can be uncomfortable at times. 

 Why is uncomfortable? 

 Because you are letting go of old programming & ways of doing in order to create the new results you are looking for in your life. 

Any time you do something for the first time, there will be discomfort because it is new & we don't know how. This is a normal part of the process.

We have to let go of the old to empower the new. 

 But the good news is, getting comfortable being uncomfortable will be the most challenging part. 

 Once you master this new way of thinking + managing discomfort, it only gets easier & this way of doing will serve you for the rest of your life.


Eva Foam

We audit your thoughts, work on emotional processing, evolve your relationship with money + time to secure your life’s foundation.

Non slip surface

Next, we heal, focus on building your 5 senses of self as you begin to lead your life with courage, confidence & certainty.


We get you clear on where you want to go in your biz/career, how to get there & how to own your worth every step of the way.

In the CAN Program you will learn how micro steps = 
massive results.

We create a foundational life system that works for you through a hybrid approach focused on your Mindset, Personal Development & Professional Development. 

This experience is 4 months of your life purely dedicated to you & your growth. 

And this experience is 100% personalized to you… 

And you have me supporting & guiding you every step of the way

No topic is off limits.

No result is impossible.

This is where you are safe to be the real you

Free of judgement. 

Met with love. 

And supported with every tool you need.

Once you learn how to create intentional self belief, everything you want is within your reach.



The first step is to tap the button above to book your complimentary consultation.


I will ask you for a little bit of info about why you want to work together & what results you want to create.


You and I will have a chat about what's possible and then you will decide if you are in.

The CAN Program will require your 100% truth, commitment, discipline and taking responsibility for every result you create.

You will create clarity & certainty instead of confusion

You will start getting intentional about how you think about yourself & how you show up in this world. 

You will learn how to process your emotions & let go of the heavy baggage that is weighing you down. 

You will get crystal clear on where your time + money is going

You will set goals and learn how to follow through in a way that works for you

You will evolve & empower your 5 elements of self: self awareness, self acceptance, self belief, self trust, self care. 

You will decide where you want to go both personally & professionally. 

And the byproduct of this work we do together is elevated Self Confidence & Inner Security.

Here is everything you get when you say I can to yourself...


Joining the CAN Program requires a one time payment of $5k

Now a $5k investment in yourself may freak you the eff out.

And you should be freaked out because investing in yourself is a BIG decision. 

 So, let’s pause & think about this for a second… 

Let’s think about this investment spanned out over 1 year. If you take the $5K and break it down by 365 days, you would be investing $13 per day for this experience. 

Typically, most of us do not reserve space in our minds to pay for coaching and then we form this belief that doing this work on ourselves is an unattainable luxury. 

Yet we drop thousands of dollars spending mindlessly on things like coffee, wine, bags, home renovations, fast food, Uber Eats, clothes, expensive face creams and makeup… 

We keep spending money on things to make us feel better but all those things become band-aids that give us temporary relief & then end up in a Goodwill pile. 

The CAN Program is the solve to create the feel goods you are looking for. And with this investment, you will be gaining tools that empower you for the rest of your life. 

So what you need to ask yourself is – 
Am I worthy of investing $13 per day in myself for one year?

You feeling worthy & ready to go all in on you?


Here are a few more words from our clients...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a group coaching program? 

No. You and I work together virtually 1:1 in our development sessions.

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Yes – we offer a split payment option. The first payment will be due when you are accepted into the program & second is due midway through the program.

What specifically do we do in the CAN Program? 

Here is what we do – we take CONFIDENT ACTION NOW in both life and in business.  

So…what exactly does that mean?  

You do things that scare you. 

You confront hard truths. 

You learn how to let go.  

Is this process for everyone?  



Because it is not easy (which is why most people don’t do this work on themselves)  

We have been trained as humans to always seek the easiest route & path with the least resistance.   

But if you truly want to get where you want to go in life, you cannot short cut the entire process. At some point, you will have to face the ugly. You will have to heal the things that are keeping you up at night. You have to release the skeletons from your closet.  

That is what I empower you to do in the CAN Program.

We go deep over the course of 4 months and we bring it ALL up to the surface. I empower you to heal from the inside out and by the end of this program, your brain will be operating in a completely different mode.  

You will be tuned in to a completely new frequency and level knowing.

Get ready for so much more to become available to you.

Will I feel confident all the time after doing the CAN Program? 

TRUTH: No. You won't because you are a human & the human experience is 50/50.  

FACT: You have good days and bad days. Highs and lows. Dark days and light days.  

But what will happen is on the low, dark days, you will have every tool you need to empower yourself to keep going.

You will not spin out and fall apart in the way that you used to because you have created a solid foundation and are fueled by powerful resilience and inner strength.  

You will know how to manage the fear, doubt and insecurities that surface through the life long tools you gain in the program.

Every one of my client’s journeys in the CAN Program has looked completely different but there is one result they all have in common…  

Their journey in the program molds them into exactly who you are supposed to be in life and they took the steps to confidently become her NOW.  

The direct by product of taking confident action now are things like – 

+ Making more money  

+ Asking for exactly what you want in life  

+ Empowering yourself to create the time you need to live the life you want  

+ Always putting yourself first in life  

+ Saying no to things that make you feel like shit  

+ Feeling worthy & deserving  

+ Rock solid inner security  

+ Making decisions with certainty  

+ Unattaching from the desire to control 

+ Letting go of other people’s opinions of you  

+ Ending relationships with toxic people in your life  

+ Creating valuable professional clarity

And most importantly – you feel ALIVE while taking these steps.  

So, will it be hard?  

Yes. Somedays will be.

Will there be tears?  

Yup. And I welcome every single one of them.

Will your journey be messy? 

Yup. But I also have a really powerful array of tools to help you clean up that mess.

How will I know when I am ready? 

This is the beautiful part my love – you decide when you are ready. 

This is the power you have because this process is about you.  

You can decide today. 
You can decide tomorrow. 

You can decide in a month.

You are in full control over your destiny and when you start getting the results you want in life. 

Are coaching & therapy the same thing? 

Hard no. Coaching is focused on the present and the future as to where therapy is really focused on your past & trauma.  

While we will get into your past to understand how your mind works, we will focused more on actions to take now to create the result you want in the future.  

Therapy is also providing a medical diagnosis/treatment plan as to where coaching does not treat or diagnose mental/physical health conditions.  

Where do our sessions happen? 

From wherever you want! Our sessions are held through Zoom so you can coach wherever you are most comfortable. 

And you can come bare faced in pj’s or in head to toe glam. However you show up is perfect. 

The only way to be ready is to decide to be ready. And when you make that decision, I have a seat in the CAN Program waiting for you. Tap here to book your time to chat about what this Premium Coaching Experience would look like for you...

You ready to learn how to start taking confident action NOW? My Confidence Masterclass will teach you exactly how to do that. Tap here to get this sent straight to your inbox...

You ready to be a confident female leader? I’ve got you covered in my private community where I host live coaching, trainings, confidence challenges. Everyone and everything you need is in here. 

One final thing...

If confidence, certainty, courage & success is what you want, you are exactly who I want to work with.  

Over the past 17 years, I have made beauty brands millions with my development skills, marketing abilities, processes and systems and I want to bring that same "know how" to your life.  

Not only have I worked with companies and individuals on their success, I have also done the same on myself. So let me tell you - I get it.  

And I get it is not easy. 

I left my 6 figure a year, benefit rich, secure corporate job and went all in on myself to create the reality of my dreams. I stopped being what the world wanted me to be and began truly living as my authentic self.  

I have seen both sides and have experienced building success for a company and success on my own as an entrepreneur. 

I know how each presents unique challenges and opportunities. But I also know possible it's to change your reality when life isn’t working for you. 

I found a way to make life work for me and want to teach you how to do the same. I cannot wait to connect with you and support you on your beautiful journey.  

I would love to learn more about you and where you are at so let’s definitely stay connected. Add me on IG (@yoursoulmakeup) and slide into my DM's to say hey!

XO - Elyse Conroy