Are you ready to finally get out of your own way & start creating the results you want now?

I want you to think about this for a second…

Wouldn’t it be nice to just unload it > have someone make sense of it > get you out of your way > and finally put together a plan with a clear path on how to create results?

This is the formula I’ve taken every client through. 

We are all human.

We all go through hard things.

We all face doubts, insecurities and fear.

We all get in our own way.

Regardless of where you are at or what you do - This is the same path to clarity & confidence in both life + business.

A new way of doing is available to you inside of the Coaching Accelerator...

We take you from overthinking & spinning out to confidently taking action. 

This is where - Your blocks are removed > plan is made > you know exactly what to do everyday & how to get where you want to go > new results are created 

And the best part is - this new way of doing is designed to help you create new results NOW. 


Let’s not waste one more second.




• Leaving a soul sucking job & creating a career you love 

• Getting a $50K raise

• Launching your dream business & hitting your first $10K months

• Developing your first product

• Stop overworking & finally achieving work life balance

• Learning how to make empowered & secure decisions 

• Ending toxic relationships

• Becoming unapologetically & confidently yourself

• Healing heavy grief from the loss of a loved one

• Making peace with failure & rejection

• Start FINALLY living a life that makes you feel ALIGNED, ALIVE & FULFILLED  

Are you interested in exploring if the Coaching Accelerator is the right fit for you?

Let’s talk about it. Tap below to book your complimentary consultation today. 

The one thing I can assure you of is that you will leave the call knowing you made the right decision for you (no matter if that is yes or no)


I hired Elyse shortly after my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I knew I’d be grieving and I’d need help running my business in the middle of that storm.

That choice will always be one of those decisions that reinforces my ability to trust my own instincts. Elyse was amazing at grief coaching because she is so familiar with grief herself. She left me cry and break down and made me feel safe.

In addition she’s also an amazing business and mindset coach. The mental shifts and tools I learned from her have completely changed the way I approach my day and my business.

Instead of working from burnout and pushing, I now work from rest and self care. I know how to reenergize and inspire myself. I know how to hold space for my feelings and give myself grace.

I also leveled up so big in my marketing and branding. I learned how to better identify what I offer and how to communicate it.

My social media presence is so much more clear and powerful, and I’m more consistently showing up than ever before.

I honestly can’t say enough about how pivotal my decision to work with her was- she gave me the missing pieces I needed.

Elyse helped me to work and live in total alignment with MY values and my natural rhythm.
Jenny D. - Tulsa, OK

“What else other than new results will we create?”

Someone recently asked this question...

My answer to her was: "New results are just the beginning. Where the real value lives is in the new relationship you will create with yourself." 

My clients have a few things in common when they first come to me…

• They know something is off but are having a hard time connecting the dots so they can move forward

• They have no idea what specifically is wrong but they know it isn’t right

• They have lost their confidence and doubt, fear and insecurity have taken over

• They are stuck in a spiral spinning out, getting in their own way all while overthinking themselves to death

Sound familiar?

These are the things that end when we begin working together.

• My role as your coach is to help you connect the dots & coach you out of whatever spiral you are spinning out in

• We get you clear, connected & aligned so you can finally start feeling more like yourself again

• My expertise is to get you into a space of taking better care of yourself & taking aligned + confident action to get you where you want to go

My clients tell me again and again that I am their permission slip to become unapologetically themselves.

• They tell me they have never felt better about finally putting themselves first.

• They tell me they have never felt safer seeing the hard things and fearlessly working through it.

• They have never felt more empowered to say no and leave the toxic things that are holding them back behind.

• They have never felt more secure asking for more. They leave our time together with their vibe & mindset in 100% alignment and guess what happens when you get into full alignment – so does your life & business.  

This is the space where I teach you how to generate self belief, self trust and self confidence at light speed. 

This is where the pain from the past is healed and released allowing you to feel free and weightless as you move forward in both life & business. 

This is where you learn how to deeply love yourself even in the moments of the most painful failures, rejections and judgements.

Coaching is so much more than creating new results.

Coaching is about getting to the truth & making confident decisions that set you up for sustained success.

• It is the space where we learn how to let the doubt & insecurity go.

• It is the space where we stop feeding your problems and start creating solutions.

• It is the space where we change your relationship with “hard”.

This is the space where the spin outs end & ease + flow begins.

"I told Elyse things I've never been able to discuss with anybody in my life out of fear, shame and being a disappointment and it was such a relief to have someone who wasn't judging me. Elyse quickly became the confidant I didn't know I needed"

Jackie C. - Los Angeles, CA


I think we can agree that too many things in life are complicated...

Every day we are faced with hundreds of decisions that leave us exhausted and stuck in analysis paralysis. 

The last thing we need is a new process to learn that takes a lot of time and energy.

I don’t know about you, but I like ease. The easier the better. 

When I developed the Coaching Accelerator, it was designed with ease in mind. 

 • No agendas or complicated processes to learn – just straight forward coaching for the woman who is ready to create new results now. You tell me your problem and then we get to work creating solutions.  

 • No long sessions – we tackle everything we need to cover in 45 minutes or less. Every moment of our time together is maximized. 

No extra steps – you show up and tell me what you want to focus on and we get straight to the point. And even if you can't think of what to say, I always know exactly where to take you next. I've got your growth covered every step of the way

This is about you.

Designed for you.

To get you the immediate support you need. 

So let’s make this easy for you...


Tap below and you are in.


Here are a few words from our clients...
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1. Twelve 45 minute 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions Held Via Zoom 
(NOTE: this is NOT a group coaching program)

2. Lifetime Access Into The Confidence Lounge 
Which Includes:
    • 24/7 Coaching
    • Monthly Group Coaching 
    • Quarterly Virtual Self Care Retreats 
    • Mindset Monday Exercises 
    • Exclusive Trainings & Content Designed To Help You Grow Now 

 3. Live ¼ Day Virtual Kickoff  Event on 7/16 

 4. Program Activation Toolkit 

 5. Personal & Professional Development Toolkit  

 + And there is MORE...

"I've been waiting for someone to come along & understand me and what I do & even know how to help me do it better. Elyse is the answer to that prayer."

Kate O. - Los Angeles, CA

When I launched my business back in 2019, I made a bold declaration...

Not on my watch will I sit back and let another women navigate life and business without the tools she needs ever again.

This is why I created the Confidence Lounge – my Private Facebook Community for all of my 1:1 Clients.

This is the room where freedom is created because every tool you need to grow is at your fingertips.

You now have the opportunity to be in this room.

When you join the Coaching Accelerator today, you get instant access into the Confidence Lounge...  

Your Lounge Pass Grants You INSTANT Access To: 


You have access to 24/7 Coaching so even after your coaching package is complete, you still have support. 

So many programs cut you off when you graduate leaving you feeling helpless and unclear on where to go next. 

Not here – your support continues as long as this program is available.

• Monthly Group Coaching – every month I host Group Coaching Sessions where we come together as a group to get you the support you need.  

• Mindset Monday Exercises – these exercises are designed to help you hit the ground running while generating intrinsic motivation. Doing these exercises is your weekly success guarantee while giving you the exact power fuel you need to put in your tank. 

• 24/7 Access to the coaching you need – you drop your Q in and within 24 hours you will have your coaching.   


In the Confidence Lounge I host Quarterly Virtual Self Care Retreats to take your care for you to the next level. 

Also, as an exclusive member of the Confidence Lounge not only do you benefit from our retreats - So do your friends and family. 

I am all about sharing the love and gifting this experience to the people we love the most. So every time I host an event, you get guest passes to bring your loved ones with you & we all get to share in this healing work together. 


• Exclusive Trainings & Content Designed To Help You Grow Now – when you enter the lounge, you have full access into my training vault. The vault contains hours of videos to support you in your growth & development. No matter what time of the day, these videos are here to support you. 

• Your Program Activation Toolkit that contains all of my signature growth and development formulas designed to support you no matter where you are at in life & business 

• Your Personal & Professional Development Toolkit – this is brand spanking new. I have been hard at work getting this toolkit ready for you and it is about to blow your mind. This toolkit is personal. It is all about you. It has every support tool included to deeply support you in your personal & professional development. We cover everything from mommy & daddy issues to empowered decision making. It is all here for you.

So I think its safe to say that I’ve got you covered from every angle. No matter what comes up, there is a tool here for you for you to utilize 24/7. 

You are never without support when you coach with me.

Here are a few more words from our clients...
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You ready to get out of your way & grow now?


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a group coaching program? 

No. You and I work together virtually 1:1 in our weekly development sessions.

What specifically do we do in the Coaching Accelerator?

Here is what we do – we coach. In our sessions we focus on your personal & professional development. This is the space where new results are created & we figure out how to make your goals your reality.

BUT - Coaching is so much more than creating new results. 

Coaching is about getting to the truth & making confident decisions that set you up for sustained success. 

It is the space where we learn how to let the doubt & insecurity go.

It is the space where we stop feeding your problems and start creating solutions.

It is the space where we change your relationship with “hard”.  

We also keep it easy for you.

When I developed the Coaching Accelerator, it was designed with ease in mind. 

 • No agendas or complicated processes to learn – just straight forward coaching for the woman who is ready to create new results now 

 • No long sessions – we tackle everything we need to cover in 45 minutes or less

 • No extra steps – you show up and tell me what you want to focus on and we get straight to the point

This is about you. Designed for you. To get you the immediate support you need. 

How will I know when I am ready? 

This is the beautiful part my love – you decide when you are ready. 

Being ready is a decision. 

Making this decision is the power you have because this process is about you.  

You can decide today. 
You can decide tomorrow. 

You can decide in a month.

You are in full control over your destiny and when you start getting the results you want in life. 

But I want you pause and think for a moment on this...

Is waiting working for me?

If I had a dollar for every time someone said “I’ll get to working on me soon” – I could retire on a private island & never work a day again in my life.

Dramatic analogies aside, here is why waiting might not be the best option for you right now.

When you wait to work on you, everything stays the same.

So if you are happy with your current reality, perfect.

But something tells me that’s not the case.

What I suspect is that there is a little voice inside of you that knows she is meant for more.

There is a whisper that has you questioning is this really it?

A thought of “when do I get to be happy?” keeps coming up but you have yet to find the answer so you just move on.

But then there is a pull that brings you back & has you curious about what life could look like if you did the things you know in your heart you are meant to do.

A desire for something bigger keeps inviting you to explore it but that curiosity is silenced by the loud noise coming from chaos of the now.

You have a never ending to do list and everybody needs something from you. 

You find it virtually impossible to schedule a second for yourself each day let alone fully commit to making the dedicated space to getting the support you know you desperately need.

So you continue to put yourself at the bottom of the list. And I know this has you exhausted.

Running on fumes.

Struggling to catch your breath.

Filled with stress and anxiety because it never seems to end.

Feeling resentful because “when will it ever be my time?”

The truth is - It will be your time when you decide it is your time.

Your time can be now.

The days of coming last in your life end right here, right now.

The pattern of over giving, overworking and over exhausting yourself stops today.

Tuning out the voice that is saying you are meant for more stops in this moment.

I know you are ready.

If you weren’t curious about working with me and learning a new way of doing, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

So let’s get you off of the fence.

And let’s get you the support you need. You don’t need to keep carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders by yourself.

Let me help you take some of that weight off.

Let me help get off of the struggle bus & onto the path of thriving.

Let's get some new, energizing fuel in your tank that will propel you into the life I know you want and deserve.

You are worthy or receiving this gift.

It is time to give back to yourself.

Let's get started working on you today.  

Where do our sessions happen? 

From wherever you want! Our sessions are held through Zoom so you can coach wherever you are most comfortable. 

And you can come bare faced in pj’s or in head to toe glam. However you show up is perfect. 

Who is this program for?

Women who are ready to create new results now. So if you are ready to welcome in the new, this is for you. 

What does this cost?

The Coaching Accelerator requires a one time investment of $3K (Payment plans are availiable)

One final thing...

If confidence, certainty, courage & success is what you want, you are exactly who I want to work with.  

Over the past 17 years, I have made beauty brands millions with my development skills, marketing abilities, processes and systems and I want to bring that same "know how" to your life.  

Not only have I worked with companies and individuals on their success, I have also done the same on myself. So let me tell you - I get it.  

And I get it is not easy. 

I left my 6 figure a year, benefit rich, secure corporate job and went all in on myself to create the reality of my dreams. I stopped being what the world wanted me to be and began truly living as my authentic self.  

I have seen both sides and have experienced building success for a company and success on my own as an entrepreneur. 

I know how each presents unique challenges and opportunities. But I also know it's possible to change your reality when life isn’t working for you. 

I found a way to make life work for me and want to teach you how to do the same. I cannot wait to connect with you and support you on your beautiful journey.  

I would love to learn more about you and where you are at so let’s definitely stay connected. Add me on IG (@yoursoulmakeup) and slide into my DM's to say hey!

XO - Elyse Conroy