Soul Makeup Signature Elevation Program

At Soul Makeup, we work with women who are looking to elevate both personally and professionally. We work together for 90 days with the focus of making you remarkable at what you do while planning your dreams into reality.

What exactly is the Signature Elevation Program and what does it include? 

The Signature Elevation program is the ticket to reclaiming the beauty of your life. There comes a point in all of our lives when we need a wakeup that shakes up the way we do things. At Soul Makeup, we focus on your personal and professional goals to help you own your worth, build your confidence and create the career of your dreams. We dive deep and go beyond face value to create a safe place to remove your mask and get real about what you truly want out of life.

You will be taken through 3 Modules that focus on Mindset Mastery, Personal Development and Professional Development. You will get crystal clear on where you want to take your life both personally and professionally. You will cleanse yourself of anything holding you back in life, set your foundation to ensure you have created a stable base for your life to be built upon and lastly, discover the beauty of you and define who you confidently show up as in the world.

We will work together to create a plan encompassing your personal and professional goals as well as a roadmap that covers every step to get you towards elevated success. We will fill your toolbox with Internal Makeup Formulas that clearly define all points of action needed to move your life forward. The programs are 100% customized FOR YOU. This is about you and what you need to succeed.

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