We teach high-performing women how to take confident, action, NOW.

Our focus it to teach you how to lead your life fueled by courage while building unshakable certainty in who you are and where you are going.

If you are ready to change your life & elevate your career, then you definitely want to keep reading...

If you are here with me right now,

This is already telling me something about you.

Let's see if I get this right...

+ You are a high-performing woman.

+ You are a woman that has big dreams & a lot to offer this world. 

+ You want to be a confident leader in your life. 

But, I also know you wouldn't be here if...

+ There wasn't something inside of you that  whispered there is more out there for you.

+ That knows deep inside that you can do it but you don't know how to get where you want to go. 

+ There wasn't a nagging little thought that's curious to see what it would be like to have new results to celebrate in your life. 

+ There wasn't the desire to see what else is possible for you...

Am I onto something here? 

If yes, let's keep going...

Does any of this sound familiar?

How many times have these thoughts played on repeat in your mind?

+ I don’t know what I want or what’s right for me…

+ When am I ever going to be enough?

+ Why is it so hard for me to feel confident?

+ Why am I so hard on myself?

+ I hate my effing job, am burning out, have no clue how to change it and just want to check out…

+ Where is all of my time and money going?

+ I don’t know why it is so hard for me to put myself out there and why it seems like everyone else is doing better than me…

+ Why did I say that – they must think I am such an idiot…

+ Why do I feel so stuck right now?

+ I am scared because I don’t know how and it’s easier to just give up…

+ I can’t with this…

+ I quit…

Are you sitting there nodding your head right now because these thoughts hit way too close to home?

I feel you to the core on this beautiful because I have had all of these thoughts too.

But I am here to tell you, YOU CAN.

You CAN let go of the fear, doubt, insecurities, uncertainty and limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now...

You can overcome every single thought that has ever held you back, convinced you that you aren’t good enough, filled you with stress & anxiety and kept you from feeling free.

The Fear
The Doubt
The Insecurities
The Uncertainty
The Limiting Beliefs

Lead your life & business fueled by courage, certainty & confidence?

Something new is available to you...

And you have the opportunity to see things in a completely different way.

But first - Let's do a quick check in to make sure you are where you are supposed to be:

+ If you are sitting in a space where confidence is something you want but don’t have, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

+ If you are the queen of self doubt and constantly second guess every move you make, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

+ If you feel like you come last in your life, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

+ If you need to get better with how you spend your time and money, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

+ If you struggle with getting motivated and staying consistent, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

+ If you constantly feel like you are failing but desperately want to feel success, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

+ If you feel stuck and can’t figure out how to get to what’s next, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Are you where you exactly are supposed to be? 

If yes, let's keep going because it's about to get juicier...


Amazing shifts start happening when you

Say "I CAN" to yourself...

What you gain when you invest in you...

+ The courage to be the leader and priority in your life

+ Certainty on your value, how/why you are enough & awareness on your true purpose in this world

+ Confidence flooding you as you define who you are and where you are going

+ Awareness on exactly where your time & money is going

+ The ability to clearly define who you are in all aspects of your life while making health, wellness and self care your priority in life

+ Clarity about what’s next & a roadmap that defines exactly how to get there

+ Someone who will stand for you and fight for your success on days when life just feels impossible



But before we go on - Let's take one step back and get acquainted.

You might be wondering who I am, why I want to take a stand for you & how we got here...

I am Elyse and I am a Life Coach living my dream of serving high performing women who are ready to learn how to lead their life from a place of courage, certainty, and confidence. 

But that has not always been my story. My dream used to look very different…  

Since I was a little girl, I had always had a dream to create makeup that made women feel beautiful. 

That dream allowed me to spend 15 years in the beauty industry developing products for some of the largest beauty brands in the world. This was everything I had ever dreamed of, but I walked away and left it all behind.   


Because I failed.   

I failed because when women put my products on, they would feel amazing but the second they washed their face, there went their beauty, confidence, and self security right down the drain.   

The products I created were serving as a band aid that was only making your problems worse.  

I aspired to make women feel good about themselves from the outside in with the products I created, but after embarking on my own self development journey, I quickly realized that’s not how it works.   

True confidence & certainty comes from within.   

I spent years figuring out the formula to create the feel goods from within and that is when a new dream was created & Soul Makeup was born.   

I truly feel that every woman deserves to lead her life from a space of feeling confident, secure, and empowered.   

And if I knew the life changing formula to create these feel goods from the inside out, I had to get out there and share this with as many women as possible.   

Because you guys – this is life changing shit.   

I believe so deeply in this work & am on passionate mission to help you break free of the fears and doubts that are holding you back from feeling ALIVE right now.   

And when I say alive, I mean the type of ALIVE you jump out of bed for because you have a life so amazing that you can’t wake up and live it.  

XO -Elyse    

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First we get you into a space of caring for you which will boost your self love.
Then we focus in on your self development to create & elevate your self confidence.
We have all senses of self fully covered.


First we get you into a space where you become the priority in your life & learn how to take care of you


We makeover your thoughts & feelings to create a loving dialogue with yourself


Building your overall mindset surrounding your ability/capabilities in all areas of life that matter to you


Focus on who you are, your growth & where you are going next

Elyse is an incredible leader, mentor, innovator, and go-getter. She has boundless passion that inspires others, myself included, to be as excited about the work as she is. Elyse is cool under pressure and an incredible quick-thinking problem solver, but also gives those around her the opportunity to strategize as well. I will always be grateful for having worked with Elyse, and hope to work with her again in the future. - Hana H. Director of Product Development


Step 1: 

Apply & Book Your Free 1 Hour Strategy Session 

Step 2: 

Chat for 1 Hour With Elyse 

Step 3: 

Decide if the CAN Program is a fit for you

Hear how my beauties felt when they went all in on themselves

Saying I CAN to yourself can be one of the most empowering gifts you will ever give yourself...

Let's break it all down...


This program is a transformation creator that empowers you to build the confidence to put yourself out there in ways you never have before.

+ We work together over the course of 3, 6 or 12 months (your choice) to create small shifts to develop sustainable success.

+ We work from the inside out by diving deep into your thoughts/feelings to discover why you think what you think and why you feel what you feel.

+ We get clear on why you are making the decisions that are creating the results in your life.

+ We identify where you want to be both personally & professionally and design a personalized plan on how to get you there.

+ We reinforce your life’s foundation by discovering how you spend your time and money and do a complete makeover of your time + money mindset.

+ We shift you into a space of feeling secure with who you are in where you are going next.

+ We empower you to fall in love with yourself through inner healing + deep reflection exercises

+ We get you into a space where you are confidently saying yes to opportunities with ease



First, we tackle your mindset

The first month of the program we focus on discovering how you think, what you are feeling & identifying how you make decisions which are creating the results in your life. 

Next, it's all about you

When was the last time you dedicated an entire month to yourself? 

We get into all things you by diving deeply into your personal development. 

You heal, learn how to lead with courage, gain certainty in who you are & build unshakeable confidence. 

Lastly, we build your professional self

Get ready for your success to sky rocket. We get you clear on your worth and empower you to own it. 



Lead with courage, gain the certainty & build the rock solid confidence.


Meet the fear with courage


Makeover the doubt with certainty


Build & reinforce your confidence

3 Month CAN Program Includes:

+ 12 VIP 1:1 Development Sessions With Elyse

+ 90 Minute VIP On Boarding Experience

+ Full Self Care + Wellness Evaluation

+ 7 Day Time + Money Workshop to evaluate exactly where your time & money is going & your relationship with time + money

+ Weekly Growth workshops, exercises and personalized challenges designed specifically for you to create the exact results you are looking for

+ Monthly progress evaluation + opportunity reviews

+ Weekly session recaps to empower you to review your progress in the program on a week to week basis

+ A post-program development plan that details how to continue getting the results you want even after you graduate

+ A 45 page CAN Program Toolkit (Valued at $250) containing self guided exercises, affirmations, meditations, self development podcast list, worksheets & tools to help you start creating instant results & shifts in your life

+ Priority Access to all Soul Makeup Virtual Workshops and Retreats


+ Women who are ready to take confident action now in their life & at work

+ Women who are ready to lead their life from a place of courage & certainty

+ Women who are ready to end the cycle of fear, doubt & insecurity that has held them back for far too long

+ Women who are ready to fall in love with themselves and discover exactly how beautiful they are

+ Women who are ready to go to the next level in life both personally + professionally

+ Women who are ready to unapologetically become their true selves

+ Women who need to get a better understanding of where their time + money is going

+ Women who are living in a space of burnout & defeat in their career and don’t know what’s next

+ Women who are ready to change their career path and need guidance while making the transition

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 "I CAN" to themselves...


+ Women who are looking for a quick & easy solution 
Coaching is not for the faint of heart. This work is deep, you will be diving into things that scare you and if you are looking for the easy way out, this is not it. 

The goal of this process is to elevate your performance, mindset and capabilities to the highest level which takes a deep commitment & investment into this process which is why our programs are 3 & 6 months. This work takes time, dedication, grit and focus.

+ Women who aren’t 100% committed 
If your entire mind, body and soul isn’t committed to this process, you will sell yourself short on the results that are possible for you. 

I see clients come into this thinking, “If it doesn’t work, I will just quit before my second payment is due” but if this is your thought – you aren’t ready for my program. 

We need you to go all in with your entire self from the moment you say yes to this process.

+ Women who aren’t ready to start doing the work now
When you say yes to you this process begins. There is no waiting period to “get ready”. I teach you how to take confident, action, NOW which means you need to be ready to start now. 

+ Women who aren’t ready to own their 100% truth 
This process does not work if you aren’t 100% authentic about where you are at. Half truths, missing information and projecting only the best keeps you where you are at. 

Owning your truth creates the next best you.

+ Women who make excuses
A big part of this program is owning your results. I can smell an excuse a mile away and if your go to is to make excuses for not doing the work, I will call you on it. I coach in a way to empower you to get results and you need to be ready to leave the excuses behind when you want to make the investment in this program.


Are you ready to claim your spot in the CAN Program?

How the coaching process works...

The coaching process typically flows like this…

+ You say yes to you & fully commit 

+ We Coach Weekly

+ You Take Action

+ We Evaluate Results

+ Rinse and repeat until the result you want is yours

We explore your beautiful mind...

The first month of the program we focus on discovering how you think, what you are feeling & identifying how you make decisions which are creating the results in your life.

We have to first tackle the I don’t knows & what if’s as these are the perfect thoughts to breed uncertainty.

Then we transition into the fear, doubt, money issues, time struggles and shift you into a space where you are empowered to put yourself first and feel good about prioritizing your self care.

Then it's all about you...

We go all in on you diving deeply into your personal and professional development.

We will coach weekly and review what’s working & what’s not working and implement new strategies to get you the result you are looking for.

Product image

How my gifts will benefit you...

I empower you to feel the feels.

I am an intuitive empath with the gift of feeling deeply how others feel. This empowers me to bring out your true feelings with ease, grace and authenticity.

I hold space - not judgement.

I have heard it all, seen it all and because of that, I will never judge your journey. My sole purpose is to advocate for you and help empower you to create the exact result you are looking for.

I lead with fun.

I LOVE to create adventure and have fun. Laughter is my medicine and our sessions together will be filled with warmth & love as I create a space for you to heal, grow & find your truth all while having one helluva good time.

I've had a long history with success.

I have 17 years of experience with creating, marketing, selling and branding products that have made millions and sold all across the world plus, I have launched my own business.

Not only have I worked with companies and individuals on their success, I have also done the same on myself. So let me tell you - I get it.

I know success, pressure & I intimately know all facets of business so if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to take your biz to the next level or someone working in fashion/beauty who needs to work with someone who gets how your career works, I am your girl.

I am a human connector.

I love people and when you roll with me, you get an entire community that stands for you too. I empower women to make sure no one ever sits alone. If you need connection in your life, get ready because you are about to get fully connected on all levels.

Product image



Let's get into some FAQ's...

I have broken down my most common FAQ's below. If you have a question that is not on this list, email us.

soulmakeupcustomercare@gmail.com or 
DM us on Instagram @yoursoulmakeup

How will I know when I am ready?

This is the beautiful part my love – you decide when you are ready. This is the power you have. 

You can decide today. 

You can decide tomorrow. 

You are in full control over your destiny and when you start getting the results you want in life.

Are coaching and therapy the same thing?

Hard no. Coaching is focused on the present and the future as to where therapy is really focused on your past & trauma. 

While we will get into your past to understand how your mind works, we will focused more on actions to take now to create the result you want in the future. 

Therapy is also providing a medical diagnosis/treatment plan as to where coaching does not treat or diagnose mental/physical health conditions. 

Is there a payment plan?

I accept split payments for the program. The first payment will be due before our first session and the second will be charged once you are halfway through the program. 

Can I renew after 3 months?

Absolutely. If you want to renew after the first 3 months, you can work directly with Elyse on what reneweal package would be a fit for you.

Do you do single sessions?

Unfortunately no. This work needs time, commitment and focus which is why I only offer 3, 6 & 12 month coaching programs.

How much does the CAN Program Cost?

The price ranges from $3K up to $12K depending on which package duration you choose to invest in.

Is this a Group Coaching Program?

This is NOT a group program. The sole focus is on you and your personal + professional development. 

Where does the coaching happen?

From wherever you want! Our sessions are held through Zoom so you can coach wherever you are most comfortable. 

Let's close this with one

Final Note...

If confidence, certainty, courage & success is what you want, you are exactly who I want to work with.

Over the past 17 years, I have made beauty brands millions with my development skills, marketing abilities, processes and systems and I want to bring that same "know how" to your life.

Not only have I worked with companies and individuals on their success, I have also done the same on myself. 

So let me tell you - I get it.

And I get it is not easy. I left my 6 figure a year, benefit rich, secure corporate job and went all in on myself to create the reality of my dreams. I stopped being what the world wanted me to be and began truly living as my authentic self.

I have seen both sides and have experienced building success for a company and success on my own as an entrepreneur. I know how each presents unique challenges and opportunities.

But I also know possible it's to change your reality when life isn’t working for you. I found a way to make life work for me and want to teach you how to do the same. I cannot wait to connect with you and support you on your beautiful journey.

Let’s definitely stay connected. Find me on social & send me a DM to say hi.

XO – Elyse 

Let's be friends on IG...

Connect with me @yoursoulmakeup