Hear it straight from my beauties who said I CAN to themselves...

Andrea M. – Entrepreneur 

“Elyse has helped me with understanding a corporate business, dealing with perfectionism and dealing with  the fear of starting a new venture out of my realm of expertise. I can now identify and articulate fears, thoughts, and feelings before they create their own story while appreciating my self-worth in my new  business.    

She is the perfect example of professionalism while still having a grand old time! There has not been one  meeting where I haven’t felt completely relaxed and excited all at the same time! She makes getting deep lighthearted! Those moments where you want to run out the door, don’t feel so scary since I am so  comfortable in her presence. She is the biggest cheerleader I’ve had! All the while knowing she will keep it real and tell me how it is. There is no better person to help you achieve all your goals! I can’t thank her enough for holding space and walking me down the road to my dreams!”   

Sam V. - Spa Owner 

"I had trouble putting myself out there in my spa business. I did not have a great business plan and my mindset was elsewhere. After speaking to Elyse, aside from the amazing business plan she helped me create, she made me realize 100% of my focus should be on growing my business and keep the hustle  going. I love how she is always there for GREAT advice and no matter the distance she will try her best to make time for you. Whether it may be through text, phone, email of even facetime. Elyse is your girl. So if I could say a few things she has helped me overcome in the small time we have known each other would be...   

  1. The fear of putting myself out there  2. Not caring what people think around me and to stay in my lane  3. Slowly but surely overcoming social anxiety.  4. Inspired me to go out there and pursue my dream.     My business social media account has gone way up! 90% of my clients come from the social media outlet  Elyse told me to focus on. Her marketing techniques have benefited my small company tremendously! 

 Don’t think twice about working with her! She is generously smart! She is funny and can be from your  shoulder to cry on to your business partner to a great friend! She knows what she is talking about and she will impact your life in a positive way."

M.C. - Marketing Executive 

"The top three things Elyse has helped me with are Project Management, Stress Management and Team  Collaboration. Elyse has helped me focus on what is really important in life. I've been able to take a step  back from the negative factors in my life and I'm so thankful to be able to say that I'm happier and healthier because of her.

I'm grateful for everything in my life and work. I'm grounded in knowing what's important so I can face obstacles with clarity and a thankful heart. Elyse is a beautiful soul. She is passionate, deeply cares about people, and wants to help. I am so glad she is in my life and hope that everyone has a chance to get to work/know with her!" 

Kiara A. - Entrepreneur

"Elyse is incredible. Working with someone so knowledgeable, successful, and intuitive she helped me push through tons of fear around growing my business, and being successful.

She is so kind, and I exciting to work with. Brilliant woman! No amount of makeup can make me shine like I do now."

Yanique S. - Life Coach 

"Working with Elyse has been an empowering and pleasurable experience every step of the way. She is amazing at holding the vision even when you start to doubt it yourself. She not only gives you encouragement and deep mindset transformation— she also provides the practical grounded tools and information you need to take your vision from the unseen world to the physical one.

She is an expert at guiding you towards grounding your work for your niche customers and at helping you create clear and concise packages that are ready for the marketplace. Elyse is a powerful activator of the business boss lady that is already latent in you. It’s been a blessing to have the opportunity to work with her and if you’re considering it I suggest you give yourself the gift of a career makeover that will completely transform your life in every aspect!"

Hana H. - Director of Product Development 

"Elyse has helped me confidently yet humbly convince headstrong leaders of my alternative path and taught  me how to read and implement critical feedback into my own professional development. She helped me  build confidence in presenting my ideas by making space for me to explore and share them.    

Elyse is an incredible leader, mentor, innovator, and go-getter. She has boundless passion that inspires  others, myself included, to be as excited about the work as she is. Elyse is cool under pressure and an  incredible quick-thinking problem solver, but also gives those around her the opportunity to strategize as  well. I will always be grateful for having worked with Elyse, and hope to work with her again in the future."