60 Minute Self Care Express Session

60 Minute Self Care Express Session

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Your 60 minute virtual session includes: 

  • First, I will perform a Full Self Care & Wellness Evaluation that will reveal all of your care + wellness elevation opportunities in real time 
  • Next, I will conduct a personalized diagnostics application to define what wellness looks and feels like to you empowering you to start showing up fully charged everyday
  • Lastly, we will build your customized self care + get well formula to ensure you are giving yourself the care you need and deserve 

Coming in at the bottom of your list & showing up exhausted and running on fumes ends here.

It is time to make yourself your priority and give yourself the care you need + deserve.

NOTE: Once you checkout, I will send you a link to book your session time. 

Sessions are available through 12/1/23.