Confidence Masterclass

Confidence Masterclass

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I have one objective for this class – to teach you how to take confident action NOW.

Here is what we will cover…

  1. The Difference Between Confidence & Self Confidence (and why you need both)
  2. What Barriers Are Holding You Back From Feeling Confident Right Now
  3. Thoughts That Disempower Confidence
  4. How to Create a Confidence Based Mindset
  5. Fear, Doubt, Insecurity & Limiting Belief Cleansing Exercise
  6. Revealing Your Most Confident Self Guided Visualization
  7. Leading with Courage Challenge

At the end, we will be doing a live Q&A where you can get every single one of your questions answered in real time. And, if we have time - I might also give you a sneak peek into a few things we do in the CAN Program…

This is a 90 Minute Experience focused on elevating your Confidence to the highest level.

You ready to feel confident from the inside out? If you said yes – I’ll see you on 2/27 at 10am PST.

XO – Elyse