Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat
Virtual Self Care Retreat

Virtual Self Care Retreat

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Have you been exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed to the max? If you said yes, I have exactly what you need.

On March 28th, I am hosting a Virtual Self Care Retreat and this is 2.5 hours of dedicated space for you to come work on you. 

Here is everything you need to know...

When: March 28th at 10:00am – 12:30pm PST

Here is what we have planned for you...

  • Intention Setting
  • Reiki Focused Meditation
  • Guided Visualization
  • Light Breathwork
  • Wellness for Your Zodiac Sign
  • Zenergizing Pilates Workout
  • Manifestation How To 

Why are doing these things for yourself important?

Intention Setting creates intentional focus and alignment.

Meditation quiets the mind.

Visualization creates belief in what’s possible.

Breathwork oxygenates & invigorates your body.

Astrology Readings give you a deeper sense of knowing.

Movement creates beautifully conditioned bodies.

Manifestation attracts everything you want in life. 

Connection disempowers loneliness.

Here is how the day will work...

First, we will be setting focused intentions and then Andrea (@altogetherandrea) is going to kick things off and get us back into our bodies with a light Pilates set.

Then, I will be leading you through a beautiful guided visualization followed by a laser activation journal session.

Next up, Tamerri (@astrofashionista) will be teaching us how to apply Wellness For Your Astrology Sign which will be SO FUN! The whole goal of this is to teach you how to take better care of you while creating a deeper sense of knowing for yourself. 

And Rachel (@rachelcringoli_coaching) will be bringing us home with a reiki focused meditation & will then share a few tools to help us manifest what you want in your life.

We will be closing with a short breath work session, some sharing + connection and a of course, a  little dance party. I mean - would it even be a Soul Makeup event if there wasn’t a dance party???

AND - if you are currently in the CAN Program or a graduate, you are in for FREE!

My goal for you is to leave this event feeling: 

+ Recharged & Present

+ Calm & Grounded

+ Clear & Focused

+ Inspired & Empowered

If you are being called to join, I would love to see you there with us on 3/28. 

Tickets are $39. Bring a friend. Come alone. However you show up is perfect.

XO – Elyse